Introducing Scout

Promote your product with postcards.

Scout allows you to send custom postcards. You supply your own front and back images, provide a list of addresses (we can help you build one), we'll print a beautiful 4x6 inch postcard and then mail it to any number of your customers, clients, or friends for only $1.00 each.

How it Works

You share your ideas & we'll help you execute

1Target Intelligently

We'll help you target consumers, businesses, or employees. We can even target consumers similar to your existing customers.

2Design Your Card

Design your own card or we'll design one for $50. Read our top 10 design tips. Want feedback? Send it to us.

3Send With Scout

Upload your images and address list as a CSV. We'll charge $1 for each valid USPS address. Postcards will arrive in 4-6 business days.

Your Business is our Business

We'd like to help make your business more successful.


Full-Color 4x6 Postcards

We produce vivid, full color 4x6 standard postcards. Your customers and prospects will love the quality of the paper and print, and we think you'll love them too.


Serious Power

Our print on demand service is powered by our friends at Amazon, Square, Counsyl, and 5,000 other companies use Lob's powerful infrastructure.


Honest & Simple Pricing

Scout is only $1.00 for each postcard. We couldn't be more clear. There's no hidden fees and no minimums, it's a simple flat rate for each postcard we print and send.


Targeting, Too

Don't have customers yet? No problem! Let us know the demographics of your ideal customers including location, age, businesses or consumers, etc. and we'll get a quote on a list for you.


Here to Help

Want feedback on your postcard's design? Looking for some pointers on how to really drive conversions? We're here to help, reach out to us anytime, phone or email.


Real People

We are a small team of actual, real people living and working in San Francisco. We've worked with small businesses for a long time, and we promise, we get how hard it is out there.


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Happy Customers


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Cups of Coffee

Psst.. Want to know more?

Want to learn more about sending postcard campaigns? Got a question about Scout? Want to send outside of the USA?

Start Sending Postcards Today

Delight your customers with a custom printed postcard from Scout for only $1.00 each.