A very long history of Scout, last chance.
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Scout was created by Zach
and Jordan in San
Francisco. We met in
red circle
Other Scout founder, Zach
Zach and
Zach and I created Cursive together,
a small business website service.
(broken demo, sorry)
Cursive created instant small business websites.
They looked like this, and this, and this, and this and we could do it for 100M plus businesses instantly with their own data.

But, selling to small businesses was hard.

We walked into some businesses and sold some websites.

We tried emails and calls, too.

 But, we knew this business would only work if we could scale our outreach.

So, we tried marketing to these businesses with personalized postcards.
Here’s what these postcards looked like
on January 23rd, 2016 we started
building Scout v1 (just for us)
But, it wasn’t too hard to make it a LITTLE bit nicer and release it publically.
Scout v1 went live 24 days after the first commit, on February 15th, 2016. It was the #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.
We closed more revenue on this self service tool on day 1 than in the entire year we spent on Cursive.  So, we knew we had something and abandoned Cursive. Want to explore v1 of Scout?!?
Archive.org has a copy of it
we started to build Scout Studio to allow
anyone to create personalized postcards
Scout Studio was an incredible tool, but we found it took our customers too much effort to figure out how to crack direct mail for their industry.
What data do you
Where is that data?
What should we
Where do I get
addresses from?
What should I say in
the postcard?
How many should I
Who should I
So, since 2017 we’ve worked with a handful of clients in a handful of industries to find great data, build out killer targeting, personalized campaigns, and in 2020 we launched our new site to bring what we’ve learned to you.
We’ve sent tons of personalized cards. And, here are brands who love direct mail:
These brands know direct mail works in 2020: