The 7 Best Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tools


The market for real estate marketing materials is booming. With so many options available, it can be just as hard to pick a tool as to start a campaign.

From finding the right target audience and mailing list to printing and personalized design, it's difficult to keep track of it, let alone the good tools that will drive your success rate.

Our only goal for this article was to remove all of your guesswork in this process so you can spend less time shopping around and more time delivering the successful direct mail campaign you've been wanting.

We did that by organizing the biggest marketing names in the real estate industry and highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide of direct mail marketing tools will be useful to you! Of course, if you have any questions just reach us either here or by clicking into that chat box on the bottom left of you screen!

Review Methodology

Each of the tools we will present below was analyzed based off important factors that we expected real estate agents and marketers cared about when it comes to their direct mail postcards. We then asked handful of questions for each factor:

  • Targeting: How many filters can you apply to your direct-mail campaign? What kind of data does the site use to narrow in on potential buyers and the overall target market?
  • Design: Does the platform enable users to easily create their own direct-mail piece? Or are they limited to using existing templates?
  • Measurement: What kinds of tracking capabilities does the platform have, if any?
  • Ease of Use: What’s the usability of the platform like? Are its central offerings clear and easy to use?
  • Best use: Where is the platform strongest, and how can customers best use it?

We rated tools with a letter grade for each factor. An "A" suggests they knocked the factor out of the park and will give you the best chance of a higher response rate. A "B" or "C" means they had an effective way with it, but could be better. An "F" means they're missing the factor altogether, or it's a complete flop.

This handy guide to selecting the right tool to support your real estate postcard marketing campaign. Check it out.

Grades For Real Estate Direct Marketing Tools

We kicked off our review by identifying the most popular real estate direct marketing tools. To narrow down the field, we focused on the companies with robust support for postcard marketing.

Here’s what we decided to start with:

  • Corefact: Full-service marketing platform focused on integrated offline and online campaigns for real estate. Overall Grade: B
  • Smart ZIP: Platform for predictive selling and optimization for specific territories (zip code). Overall Grade: B+
  • RealMailers: Streamlined tool for lightweight real estate targeting and marketing. Overall Grade: A-
  • Quantum Digital: Combines monthly postcard farming with online lead tracking. Overall Grade: B+
  • Leading Agent: Real estate CRM tool. Overall Grade: C
  • Geographic Farm: Real estate marketing and media company with an emphasis on data-based farming and targeting. Overall Grade: C+
  • My ZipCode Farm: Monthly service which sends customers robust potential client data. Overall Grade: D
  • Sharper Agent: Integrated marketing platform for realtors/property owners to manage direct mail and online campaigns. Overall Grade: C-

Real Estate Direct Marketing Tools: Comparison Matrix

Matrix comparing direct mail marketing tool companies in the real estate industry.

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