Amazon whips up a delicious postcard


Hello there again postcard fans. Today we have a special treat for you, pictures of food... from Amazon. No, they don't come in 2 days in cardboard boxes. They come superfast from some of your favorite local restaurants here in San Francisco. This postcard is near pasta perfect, so let's whip up another batch of the postcard review files.

Cash. Money. Big. Bold. Offer. GREAT!

Amazon has my vote when it comes to anything that can fit in brown paper box, but I was a little bit skeptical that they could serve me pasta in a container that isn't surrounded by the dirtiest duct tape this side of the Mississippi. But, they sent me this postcard for free food. So let's figure out if they have my vote for most delicious postcard.Here's what Amazon did so well on their postcard.

  1. The four corners represent vastly different cuisines, implying Amazon has more than just 1 or 2 restaurants.
  2. Brand recognition is front and center. Amazon wanted me to know it wasn't some unknown company delivering me food, this was the big kahuna.
  3. BIG. BOLD. OFFER. Free money. Amazon said, here is your free money. Are you going to cash it?
  4. Then they followed up on $10 off with the word free... free delivery.
  5. Their top 4 points have me hooked, hammering in on free delivery, letting me know the food doesn't stink, and there are no markups.

My only two critiques here are that they shouldn't have...

  1. See Reverse For Details is silly. Are you telling me to flip over the card? Of course I will flip it over.
  2. Trusted and reliable? Come on, I trust and rely on Amazon. And when anyone says trust me, it's a good sign to not trust them.

Back side best side!

This is more of the same from Amazon, and by that I mean greatness. Why is this postcard so good, let's look at it.

  1. Start off with the logo. This is Amazon, remember. You can trust us!
  2. They include restaurants near me, so I know what delicious food awaits.
  3. It's exclusive! I have to be a Prime member to get this food. So it's kinda like a special club.

But this postcard could be a little bit better. Let's talk about how Amazon could have improved here.

  1. No clear call to action! Ok the offer is big, but there are two calls to action (ordering) and they are kind of small and in the middle.
  2. They have a generic code, so Amazon can't really track who converted (you can likely just use this code you sneaky reader!)
  3. The expiration date is super small. Why act now? Give me some urgency Amazon!
  4. When all promo codes are claimed (fine print)? You mean I might not be able to get this offer. That's cheesy.

Amazon already kind of customized this card to me. You should not they sent it directly to me so they had a lot of opportunity to do great things like show a map of where all the best places are near me. Or list off the things that are outside of walking distance, but are top rated.Amazon had to turn their paper in before they put on the final touches and while it still was a B+ effort, they really could have done an A+ job if they put their best resources on this postcard.But, I can't fault them. Amazon is doing 10x better than most of the trashy direct mail you see out there. So, especially if you're not adding customization into your direct mail campaign, you'd be wise to steal some of Amazon's lessons here.

A note from Jordan

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