Physical Media Business Marketing in the Digital Age


Business Marketing in the Digital Age:

In this digital age, most businesses do a lot of marketing on the internet. For example, businesses send people millions of emails every day. Also, we see ads on every webpage that we visit.  In addition, digital media does not use paper. As you can see, digital media is fast and saves trees. Then, why do we still need physical media in business marketing?

Business Marketing with direct mail still has the best response rate!

According to Harvard Business Review, direct mail has a higher response rate than digital media. Direct mail has a response rate of 1.1-1.4%. Meanwhile, the response rate for email is 0.03%; the response rate for web ads is 0.o4%. Why does this happen? If you want to find out why, keep reading!

Why do people respond better to business marketing with direct mail?

People respond better to direct mail because it is a real object. People can hold direct mail in their hands. Also, people can easily pick it up and read it when they want to. Direct mail is already in your mailbox - you do not have to search for anything. Most people bring their mail inside every day.

In 2015, the USPS's Office of Inspector General and Temple University studied "the human response" to direct mail vs. digital mail. They found that people are more likely to remember direct mail ads when asked about them a week later. Also, the part of the brain that is linked to our feelings of  "value" and "desire" has a greater response to direct mail. When people feel more value and desire for a product, then they are more likely to buy it. In conclusion, direct mail is more stimulating and memorable than an email.

Do you get as excited as Steve when you check the mailbox?

An example of how business marketing with direct mail can be more effective:

How often do you read the promotional emails that show-up in your inbox? Truthfully, I rarely open any of these emails. You might read more of these emails than I do. However, it seems unlikely that you read them all. That would take a lot of time. How often do you check your mailbox? Like most people, you probably bring your mail inside every day.If there is direct mail being sent to your house, at least one person is going to see it.

For example, I got a postcard with a "30% off plus free shipping, no minimum" code a few weeks ago.My mom saw it first and showed it to me. Then, I used the code to buy a pair of shoes at "". I checked my inbox, and found that "" sends me A LOT of emails. They send at least three emails every week, but I have not opened any of them in recent months. However, when they sent me a physical postcard, I had the immediate desire to buy a pair of shoes. Sometimes, business marketing with physical media is more effective than digital media.

This is the postcard that I received from “”.

Business Marketing with Direct Mail: Get Started!

Now, you know why business marketing with direct mail is more effective than only sending emails. They both have their advantages, but do not undermine the effectiveness of direct mail!Scout can even help you begin business marketing with direct mail - Check out this article to find out how you can make EDDM cost less by working with Scout.

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