Scout Case Study: Chase Win-Back Campaign


Chase sends tons of mail and they make a perfect case study for what makes for great direct mail marketing campaigns. I recently switched over to a newcredit card, but Chase wanted to remind me of the benefits I left behind with my previous card. Here's how they use direct mail marketing to get me to reengage.

A Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Start with Great Headlines

I love this card. It shows me all the great place I can go. And the Cable Cars drew in my attention like, you already live in a great place... but why not go to other great places. Here's why I like this card.

  1. It contrasted where I am (San Francisco) with a relaxing place (the beach!)
  2. It also suggests I could go to other great cities besides San Francisco
  3. I like their use of peace, it connects a vacation with what they can provide (safety/insurance).
  4. I wish they had branded this side with their logo or the logo of the card.

Great direct mail marketing campaigns are inspirational. Chase inspires me here with these images and a simple headline... focused on helping me enjoy my vacation.

Creative Direct Mailers Are About Simplicity

This card is a bit different than you standard postcard because it's a trifold (you can open it up). This make it a bit harder for them as they have two calls to action (open this thing up before throwing it away, learn about your benefits, then use the card again).But kudos to Chase for realizing that postcards are a funnel. You need to get folks to the next step and the front of this postcard is designed just for this. It replicates the exact card that I've seen a million times in my wallet. It then directs my attention the area where I can open up the card to learn more.You definitely shouldn't take this tactic with your two sided postcard as this doesn't actually advocate for anything. It's a piece to educate me, but more than that, it's designed to get me to read. Your postcard should be designed to take action right away. Chase has so much money and their lifetime value for one person to start using their card again is so high they don't care if you convert on the 100th piece of mail. It is still worth it to them.Chase's simple postcard should be a model to you that less is more and for a company that has an unlimited budget, you should take solace in the lesson that they have learned is that saying less is more. Save yourself millions and steal this lesson from them.

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