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Sprig is a meal delivery service here in San Francisco and they have some pretty clever postcard messages and a nice little trick to boost their conversion rate. There are basically 12 million meal delivery companies now (thanks venture capital!) I think they are different because you can only order a few things, they come within 20 minutes, and organic gluten free mumbo jumbo or something or other.The point is, they sent a damn weird postcard. Let's see how this card works out for them.

Clever Postcard Messages, but Super Simple

So what's this hack I keep going on and on about? Well they sent a really weird sized card. It was like 3 by 11. Super small, but really wide. I don't think I've ever seen such a postcard. So kudos to them by saying, "never held something like this before, have you?"My very favorite thing about their card though on the front is that they never talk about what they do. That's so crazy to me for a brand that's pretty well know, but not ubiquitous, to just not give their tagline on the postcard is wild.Instead Sprig let their images speak for itself and just made their offer their tagline. Like, let your mouth decide what we do. I really like this tactic and I think that, with the unconventional postcard size, that it's OK to be bold and let the images speak for themselves.Sprig's clever postcard messages are embedded in the weird design, simple offer, and great visual on the front of this card.

The back of Sprig's postcard is like a C+.

Ok so their tagline is like 10,000 words. "Healthy, delicious meals delivered in 20 minutes or less." They might as well have written the entire The Gettysburg Addresshere. 😊Let's take a step back. They should have started with, "Sprig - Fast Healthy Meals." Totally gets the same point across without going on and on about what they do. Since this side is more complex than the front, let's go step by step here.

  1. As mentioned, their tagline is way too long.
  2. 94109C006B?! COME ON! My credit card isn't that long. Shorten this redemption code already.
  3. Why is the phone sideways, is it puking? Come on, align that thing.
  4. The customer testimonial doesn't at all mention what they do. And Linda from San Francisco is a known subversive!
  5. The offer is great, but the way they played it out sucks. I mean, free is good, but it should say FREE MEAL with the code and then a big ole' expiration date.

I'm a bit saddened by the back of this card. Sprig did such a good job at the front of the card that by the time I got to the back I was already walking to a nearby restaurant. No one's got time to enter ina 984 digit code!Their offer should have said "FREE FOOD, INSTANTLY" It should have had an expiration date and it shouldn't have told me about how much Linda loves it. The social proof, for me, would be how many people are using it. Why didn't Sprig say, "We've delivered 19201391039013010931903014912084712784012 meals just this week... and 901734081278498012780 have been to people within 1 mile of you... want to know what everyone is eating?" But, with less words than that of course since they are sporting that skinny postcard look.

Good experiment, needs a small amount of postcard polish.

Overall I am pretty proud of Sprig for doing a good job on these clever postcard messages. The front is near perfect and the back is only mildly a disaster. They could have done much worse, honestly, by trying to put even more crap on the back side. But, they mostly restrained themselves. While their offer is good (free food), they decided it was best to wrap that offer in a basket of confusing instead of a bouquet of 🌺. Ok, that emoji was gratuitous, but my new computer suggests emojis as I type... thanks for that huge innovation Apple!As always, we'll keep your postcard designs honest if you keep reading.See us again next week on the Postcard Files. Same Bat time, same Bat channel!-Jordan

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