Using Negative Headlines in Postcards


One of our customer happened to test out some clever postcard sayings as Google ads before he sent his card. It turns out, "hate PG&E" was the clever postcard saying that drove clicks .Let's dive deep into this solar postcard we designed.

Hate is a terrible thing to waste

Wow see, doesn't that headline just make you feel weird. Read that again. It's hard for me to even publish this post with a headline like that because it just makes me angry. 😤 😡 😠. Let's see the card now. Your headline is 80% of your design, so make sure it's clever!

But notice what this headline below did. First it started with your name, so it means we're chummy. Suzanne and I could totally go bowling together because we are on a first name basis. Now it's like we have this common enemy, PG&E with their billing and their delivering of sometimes possible not-green energy. OH Suzanne we're in this together.So now that we're in this together, let me tell you about what I do... then, the wham-bam give us a call ma'am. So like, let's get together and fight against the common energy. Here's why I'm into this design.

  1. It uses negative headlines consistently (hate, nail, steal). These types of clever postcard sayings are what drive people to act.
  2. The headline leads me into the subtext... WHY will they hate me... I must KNOW!
  3. There's a big ole' clear call to action (call now).
  4. The price you could save per year is nice and bright.
  5. There are three (the best number) of bullet points explaining just how this process works.
  6. There is a big beautiful logo, so you know who wrote this.

For a postcard this side does everything it should do, nothing more and nothing less. No other crap, no long explanations, just the facts.We'll share with you, totally for free, other designs that we have done in this series. Try writing some negative headlines for yourself.

Make sure that when you do it that it's negative against a third party so that you're aligned with the customer. So, you'd never write "Suzanne, we hate you" 😋. But you could write, "Suzanne, hate doing dishes...", "Suzanne, hate cleaning up after your husband?", "Suzanne hate ice cream..." That last one is a trick, of course, but it allows me to then follow up with some cleverness. "You'll start hating all other ice cream after you have delicious SCOUT BRAND ICE CREAM!"

Clever postcard sayings are just the start

Remember, you're not trying to tell the possible customer everythingthing they could ever want to know about your product. Instead you have one singular goal, to get your prospect to call or to email or to sign up to learn more. A clever postcard saying is an important piece, but only in so far as it piques their curiosity. Me Undies (good name) does this really well. So did the original Matrix ads (what is the matrix).

When writing and designing your postcard just remember that your only goal is to get them on to the next stage of your sales funnel, not to sell them on your product cold.

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