EDDM Pricing Spreadsheet for 10 Big Print Shops


If you're sending your postcard direct mail campaign with USPS EDDM (as opposed to purchasing a targeted list), you have a lot of size optionsand tons of printing options.This post is just about EDDM pricing, but that's not all there is and if you don't consider other factors, you're flushing your money.But, price is clearly important. So let's start there and then give you some other things to consider if you want to learn more.

Review Criteria for EDDM Pricing Comparison

We looked only at EDDM pricing for printers that would send the stuff to the post office and all prices include the EDDM post office fees. No printers that mail the postcards directly to you are included. Design services range from $100/card to $300/card.We didn't include the quality of these tools for targeting (but, for our money, Staples had the best) or the time it took to use the tool (Staples also took the longest). So this post is just about saving cash.

< 1k Pieces, ~5k Pieces,~10k Pieces, ~50k Pieces

Some of these printers have minimums that range from 200-500. Keep that in mind.They have design fees that range from $100-$300.

Consider Conversions First When Comparing EDDM Pricing

We're providing prices for each of these services as one comparison point, but you shouldn't differentiate on price alone. Why? Isn't it all the same stuff? No. Here's what to consider besides price.

  1. How good is their targeting tool?
  2. What sizes do they offer?
  3. Does the card's design strike you?
  4. What's the experience like?
  5. What's the quality of the paper? Ask for samples.
  6. Consider doing targeted lists first before blanketing an area.We didn't benchmark on any of these!

Every one of these things impacts conversion and your time. If it takes you 25 hours and you're time is worth San Francisco minimum wage ($13/hour), that's $325 you should tack on to your price consideration. And if the targeting leaves you uncertain you can easily pick the very best areas for your product, you could be wasting $1,000s.EDDM Pricing is important, but it's not everything.

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