Jack in the Box has Burgers, and Great Marketing


Jack in the Box, remember them? You know... that place where your health food friends shame you for going? Not that I endorse their two tacos for 99 cents or their policy to never charge you for ranch when you ask for it after ordering 2am curly fries... anyways... postcards! They are good at postcards, too. Here are six reasons why Jack in the box has the most delicious postcards in food marketing.

3 sandwiches and 1 pun

While their sandwiches look more like this, there's no doubt that this is a solid pun. It's a 1-2 punch! If the croissant burger? didn't draw you in, the witty witticism certainly did.Let's dive in like we're not counting calories.

  1. 5 words and they've instantly conveyed their message... deliciousness comes in multiple forms.
  2. 3 hero images. That's bacon, a token chicken for the vegetarians :p, and the extra-cow burger.
  3. Big bold brand. Notice the gigantic and bold logo in the corner. This isn't Burger King.

At this point you're probably asking yourself, Jordan where is all the other crap that a sexy postcard needs? Shouldn't Jack in the Box be telling me about their organic lettuce, or their commitment to quality, or how they've been ebola free since '93 (true and rhyme-y!)?Haven't you learned anything? Great postcard marketing (especially when it relates to food marketing) is about saying less, showing more, and drawing people into your offer. It's simple. Now let's get to the real bacon of this postcard, the offer.


"FREE" is on every awesome food marketing postcard.

Did you just have a stroke? Was it because of the calories? No, it was because there are four frees on the back of this card. Here's all the great reasons why I love this.

  1. Instead of one great offer, they have so many. They pay once for the card and you keep coming.
  2. They have requirements for each of their coupons, which means higher checkout $$$.
  3. I can get 2 Jack's Spicy Chickens for $5... WHOA.

I don't have much more time to talk about how I love this card, I have some free panko onion rings to eat.

Jack in the Box has mastered food marketing with their delicious postcards. I highly suggest you steal this postcard's design and provide compelling offers to your customers. First, measure what offers people take advantage of the most. Then, dial-in one clear, compelling offer (or a bunch of offers like Jack in the Box) for your next food marketing postcard.

Jack Out!

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