Gap Gets Postcard Marketing


GAP, the iconic brand that invented skinny jeans. That statement isn't true of course, but I have never written a fake news article... so I wanted a little taste of it. Honestly, it was bittersweet.Focus.GAP knows what they are doing and keeps their postcard design simple.

GAP's Gold Postcard Marketing Bliss

So good. Here's why this postcard makes me yell at you, "STEAL THIS POSTCARD."

  1. Two color simplicity. Gold and Black. This card is bright, beautiful, and simple.
  2. Font elegance. I think there at least three different fonts here that all look really nice together and create for clear differentiation. This is some next level design. I'd stick with size and color for you, unless you have a killer designer on staff.
  3. Exclusivity. I'm a cardmember, so this postcard isn't for the masses. In fact, they hit me twice with this message. The first time to say it's just for me and then the main message reminds me I am special and not part of the crowd.
  4. The message is clear, I can get Black Friday deals a whole week before the hell begins.

GAP's Postcard Offer is AGGRESSIVE!

COME ON GAP LAWERS. The lawyers got 33% of this postcard... what the heck. That screams scam to me. Or, business folk who weren't ready to lay down with the lawyers and say... COME ON. I get it, I GET IT. It's a big company and lawyers have to dictate everything because some person will find a way to purchase ALL GAP jeans and resell them for a huge profit (I'm looking at you man who can sell anything... TONY ROBBINS).Ok, enough crap. Let's get to the brass tax.

  1. 50% off. DANG. That's so much.
  2. Another 10%?! Might as well pay ME to take those clothes off your hands.
  3. They started with the expectation that this would expire, before they got to the offer. That was a good move.
  4. They require you to use the GAP card, which probably also makes them some money. Smart.

Here are my two sticking points, though.

  1. 3000 paragraphs of legalese?! Surely the marketers and lawyers can get together to say reasonable things that don't need so many qualifications.
  2. 10$ off at Flood Building? That's like a weird after thought. I get that they wanted to customize it to me, but is this in addition to the 50% + 10% +... another 10%? I'm lost.

Doing a discount? Copy these parts.

The best part of this card you should take for your postcard.

  1. Exclusivity. I felt special getting this.
  2. Huge discounts. 50% + 10%. Give until it HURTS!
  3. Simple design. Don't get too complicated. Say less. Always less.
  4. Big. Bold. Message. Keep it simple so you can have a big bold message.

The goal of a great postcard campaign is not to close customers, it's to get them to take action. To call. To visit your website. In this case, to show up to GAP to shop. The folks in the store are then responsible for closing the sale.This freedom allows GAP to design a postcard that focuses on the sale so they don't have to say "we sell jeans, underwear, hats, pants, toothbrushes, and blowdryers." Instead they can say, "50% off... come check it out." Obviously if your brand is less well know you'll need a tagline as to what you do. But, don't go overboard.Always use the KISS philosophy - Keep it Simple Stewart.

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