GrubHub's Secret Behind Their Postcard Design


GrubHub has made the perfect area mail marketing postcard. Bold Claim. Let's first go over what area mail is and then we'll talk about why GrubHub has done such a good job.Postcard Area Mail:Area mail is blanketing certain mail delivery routes. You get just a small bit of demographic information with area mail:

  1. Age
  2. Income
  3. Residential vs. Business mix

GrubHub used this tactic to blanket my zip code because it's highly residential, it's in San Francisco where they deliver, and it's pretty cheap. As of this blog post, we charge just $1 for a 6x11 card if you send over 1,000 using area mail (if you're doing targeted direct mail, that jumps to $2/card today!)While this piece of mail doesn't allow you to do a lot of customization (you can customize only as granular as a mail route, which is a small subset of a zip code), it does allow you to get your message out if your service is heavily dependent on location. You can marketto nearly 100% of your target customers.GrubHub's beautiful minimalist postcard design:

GrubHub's Postcard, in Detail:Why is this so good? Because it's SIMPLE.

  1. Branded. Having a bright logo that contrasts well with the background is important. Even if you don't act on this postcard, you've at least been exposed to the brand. It takes 9 visits to a website before a customer converts. If I don't redeem this, it helps that I saw GrubHub so vibrantly displayed.
  2. Could this offer be any clearer? It feels like cash. It's on the back and the front and it's HUGE. I can't miss it. This is the reason why this card is so great, it screams value.
  3. Take. Action. Now. Expires, expires, expires, expires. Hurry. Order now. This is the kind of messaging that makes you act. Notice how, besides the offer, the expiration is the biggest and most repeated thing. GrubHub wants you to know it's your $10 to LOSE.
  4. Remember how we talked about Area Mail? What GrubHub is doing is super clever. They are providing a unique code per delivery route, not just per zip code. And, I'm going to give them my address when I checkout. So they can now measure which neighborhoods are most likely to convert and then change up their direct mail tactics.
  5. Delicious and bold. Doesn't that ramen look great? And they are pretty loud, essentially cussing on a piece of mail that will be seen by likely tens of thousands of people. I've never been this excited for delivery.
  6. "Resident" is a clear sign that this is area mail, it's not targeted to Jordan, it's targeted to anyone who happens to have my mail key and be living here. That also means, it was cheap to send.

This card is so great because it removes the bullshit. There's just not a lot of extra things on this card. They didn't talk about delivery times, list of places I can buy from, they didn't tell me the name of the person who would deliver it, or how hot it would come. GrubHub knows better. They said, this is cash, this cash expires, and wouldn't it be great to sit at home and have this delicious ramen be delivered to you? Yes, yes it would.10/10 for this GrubHub postcard.

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