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I'm a member of Target's VIP target audience.

Target hit its target audience with this simple, but brilliant, postcard.

Target told me in big bold letters that I'm an important person on their 5x7 postcard. Sending me a compliment in big bold letters... I love this. Also, they only say one other thing which was we like you so much we're giving you some money.

They definitely know how to target their target audience.Then, they somehow found a way to print their logo on the card like a million times without it being too crazy. If there were anymore dots I would have thought this postcard was aRorschach test.

Why I love this postcard:

  1. It's bold and super short. 6 characters plus a comma, awesome!
  2. It's cute (look at the happy red people) and it tells me a deal is coming through.
  3. It alludes to target, but only shows their logo on this side. Subtle, yet direct.

Steal my $5 off Target, go on, do it.

Ok so I didn't blur out the 5 bucks... so you all can use my $5. I dare you... do it.The front side is really cute because it's the other half of this severely damaged car. Everyone seems happy still, so that's the important part. This side also does it for me because it's mostly the car and the logos.Learn these lessons from Target's postcard:

  1. The biggest font is money and the word off is the shortest way to convey savings.
  2. It feels like money and they mostly kept the lawyers out of it.
  3. They included their logo and red text near the money off to convey the expiration date.
  4. It's two coupons... one now and one for later. You're going to come back to Target, right?!

Sorry I wrote a long letter, I didn't have time to write a short one.

All great marketing, especially postcard marketing, is about cutting. Less is more. If you have to tell the world that you're the greatest B2B cloud platform for all of their web based app location big data needs... well that means you have no idea what your value proposition is or what you do for your customers.When it comes to postcards you should...

  1. Target your ideal customers (your target audience).
  2. Target your message to each customer.
  3. Target your efforts by measuring your campaign.

Now, you know how to hit your target audience like Target.

P.S. This blog post and the one before it are dedicated to Beverly! Thanks for reading Bev!

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