How To Win a 5x return on a Mailing Campaign

Author: is a company that provides cleaning, IT, handyman, and corporate services. Thousands of companies in the Bay Area use them and they're super highly rated on Yelp. But, like any startup, Eden wants to grow and they had tried sending postcards to entire zip codes before with little success when we approached them. We helped them with a much more personalized approach, here's why it worked.

What we did for Eden

We did a handful of things to help Eden create a 3x postcard series that really stood out. Here's the process.

  1. We used a lead gen service to find people and addresses who would use Eden.
  2. CEO or Office Managers
  3. Only in the cities Eden services
  4. Only companies that had > 20 employees
  5. Got email addresses, too (even though Eden has yet to reach out via email)
  6. We helped guide Eden to create postcards that popped
  7. Including bright colors, large text, a clear offer, and an expiration date
  8. Making sure their offer matched with what their prospects wanted
  9. We then added the Scout secret sauce, a unique postcard for every address
  10. Built in maps that showed all of Eden's nearby customers
  11. Included the first name of the prospect on each card
  12. Injected city names on some postcards
  13. Made coupon codes custom to every company and send batch to track our return

What did they look like?!

Here is what all three of their cards looked like (these are just examples of a single card in each batch. Each card was unique to everyperson). Notice these cards includes the person's name, a code unique to every company, anda map with nearby customers.Scroll below to learn more about why these cards paid off for Eden.

Front and Back Card 1

Front and Back Card 2

Front and Back Card 3

Top 7 reasons why Eden's postcard campaign worked

Running a direct mail campaign used to be marketing 101 in the 1990s, but because it's fallen out of favor because of digital channels, it's actually become an effective tactic once more.Eden's postcards paid off because...

  1. They were sent only to the folks who would use their service with a high LTV
  2. They did 3 different sends in a 1-2 month time period
  3. They could track their return on investment with custom codes
  4. They had a simple bold design with one message
  5. They invoked action with an expiration date
  6. They were custom to each person
  7. They used social proof

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