How to make a postcard: Here is everything you should never do.


Ever wanted to see an example of what not to do when designing a postcard? Here's a postcard that is full of so much chaos, that it embodies everything that you should avoid. If you want to learn how to make a postcard for a direct mail campaign, keep reading. Learn from the mistakes of postcards that have come before your own.

How to make a postcard: Don't copy this one.

This man looks just as disappointed with this postcard as we are.

If you're just looking at this thing your mind is now in chaos. Did this man just get left by his partner? Is this man anxious and confused at what the hell this postcard is talking about?Ok so deep deep breath, let's dive into this thing.

  1. There are lots of different font sizes.
  2. The important pieces aren't the largest (Medicare Leaving You? should be big).
  3. There is no clear call to action and I have no idea how SBHIS will help me.
  4. There are way too many colors, strips of red, black, bold and regular fonts.
  5. Way too much crap, just edit it down to your elevator pitch.
  6. The crap that's there isn't central to the message.

The back side is also PUUUUUUUUUKEEEEE

Thought the front of this postcard was terrible, well they just puked right on the back. Let's describe this puke.

  1. If you only saw this side, you'd have no idea what this card is about.
  2. There are dates and locations, but no clear link between the two. What happens on these dates?
  3. There's an RSVP, but it's unclear if that's a necessary step.
  4. Again, different font sizes, colors, and a puke of text.

How to make a postcard: Please, don't copy this one.

Just don't do this postcard, don't do anything like it. This company does not know how to make a postcard. Take a quick look at your postcard, just 2 seconds, and if you have no idea what you're selling neither does your customer.This postcard is straight trash.

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