Clarity Is King – Why We Love This Postcard Design from Imperfect Produce


I had never heard of Imperfect Produce, but I love the idea and I love their postcard even more. I’m going to subscribe because of this postcard.In California we throw away a lot of produce because it’s ugly; this company can acquire it for pennies on the dollar and charge me for delivery and give me the produce for dirt-cheap (30-50% off!)It’s an A- postcard all around.

A clear message!

In three words they have instantly conveyed their message! Ugly Produce. Delivered. That’s the perfect distillation of their product. And the supporting image was eye catching… who would show me such an ugly lemon? Imperfect Produce, that’s who!They kept their message simple, they provided an offer (but, without an expiration date!), and they included their website.I might have made the word free bigger and included an expiration date, but those are minor things… the front of this card is beautiful.

A lovely written note 

 The front of this card reminds me of a love note. Hello, it’s the environment calling, they want to tell you it’s wasteful to throw away veggies because of how they look.This side needs a little help, I think. They should take their letter concept and flesh it out. Make it look like a letter and writeit from the heart. Make the font hand written and made it personal.Then the big red box shouldn’t have the offer code as the huge thing, it should make the offer the big thing.It should say...


(sub-text: For your first order up to $20. Expires on xx/xx/xxxx).

While I’d either cut down on text on this side, or do the exact opposite and make it a personal love letter from the environment to me, I love this card.Imperfect produce has both my business and my praise… great job!

What you can learn

Imperfect produce respects my time by describing what they do simply. If you learn only one thing from Imperfect Produce... it is this... distill your message until your value proposition can be understood by a 5th grader.

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