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Welcome to, or welcome back to the Scout Blog. We've been so busy chatting up direct mail on our direct mail marketing group on Facebook that we haven't updated the blog. I'm so sorry! But I wanted to talk to you about what we've been up to on Facebook.

Summary of our Direct Mail Marketing Group

We've been pretty hard at work on building a community on Facebook to bring together the best direct mail marketers. It's way beyond Scout, too. We even chat with some of our competitors, because we're so committed to helping you up your direct mail marketing game!

Who's in the group? What do you do?

Good question. Here are some of the topics and interviews we've done recently.

Chat with Mac who gets 4-40% conversion rates.

As the Sales Direct of Enthusum, Mac McAvoy, has helped his clients get 4-40% on Direct Mail Marketing campaigns. You'll learn how he does it and what you can do to personalize your postcard sends to improve conversion rates.

Interview with Franklin, who sends 1.5M pieces per month.

Franklin Lowe has managed direct mail sends across multiple industries, managing yearly sends > 10 million pieces.  Wow! You'll learn about how to manage such a large campaign, how to do segmentation, when and where people convert, and how to think about managing a funnel that large.

Rapid fire questions with Roland, who sends 50-100k postcards/month.

Roland Ligtenberg is the Co-Founder of Housecall Pro  and you'll learn how he sends 50-100k monthly cards for his customers. He's doing some pretty amazing and customized direct mail marketing, like sending postcards to the 3-5 homes around where a local job was performed to provide hyper-local and relevant discounts.

How much does it cost? NADA, IT'S FREE!

It's TOTALLY FREE! You can click the big ole' button below to join Postcard Pros, our free group for the best direct mail marketers! We'd be so excited to have you contribute, share your knowledge, or ask the experts in the group.

Sign up for free and join our "Mail Marketing Masters" community!

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