Make EDDM Cost Less by Working with Scout


Why does EDDM cost less with Scout?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a marketing strategy that helps you target the homes that fit your audience. First, you select a zip-code that fits your audience. Then, USPS will deliver a postcard to every door in that zip-code. The one downside is that EDDM can become expensive. In addition to delivery, you may have to pay extra for design and printing. However, Scout can help you simplify the process and make EDDM cost less. With Scout, you can design, print, and deliver your postcards for only $0.25 per postcard. In addition, we can help you can lower your EDDM cost by up to $0.20 per postcard. That is quite a deal, right?!

Now, let's get started!

1. Find your zip-code.

First, find the zip-code that your wish to target. An easy way to do this is by using the USPS EDDM mapping tool. Also, if you need help targeting your audience, we have a helpful article that you should check out.

2. Next, reserve your date!

Next, contact Jordan ( with the zip-code that you want to use. Then, he will let you know if there are available dates within that zip-code. If so, you will receive a spreadsheet with the dates and number of homes that are available for reservation. After finding what you want, please reserve the date at least four weeks in advance of mailing.Please remember, payment by credit card is due at the time of reservation and there's10k postcard minimum per order, which allows us to achieve the 25 cent price.

3. Design your postcard!

Next, you have to design your postcard. Your design is due one week after reserving your date (or three weeks before mailing). Since this program is so new, we're even throwing in the design for you!Or if you'd like to do it yourself and need help creating the perfect postcard, we have a blogpost that you can check out. Alternatively, you can hire someone to design your postcard. We are happy to introduce you to our designer here in San Francisco or an overseas designer, too.Please use the dimensions shown in this image to guide your postcard design:Last of all, send your design to Jordan! You are good to go!

Mail time!

Are you ready to make EDDM cost less?

Scout's services help you make EDDM cost less: We can help you design, print, and deliver your direct mail for an all-in-one price of $0.25/postcard. This keeps your EDDM cost down because you do not have to pay extra fees.

Finally, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Not all zip-codes are available.
  2. 10k minimum per order.
  3. Reserve your date 4 weeks in advance.
  4. Submit your design 1 week after reservation.

See how easy it is to make EDDM cost less by working with Scout?!

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