The Best Attention Grabbing Hacks for Postcards


What sneaky things can you do with postcards that will make you stand out? Here's our greatest hits of postcard advertising examples that can make your postcards way different from the rest. This post will focus just on our favorite postcard marketing secrets. We've got plenty of other posts that include free postcard templates, our postcard design process, and even our top three favorite postcards on YouTube. This post is just about interesting design hacks that can make you stand out from the 90% of other postcards people send.

Postcard Advertising Examples: Weird Size

What Sprigs does is print sneaky. They print postcards that are both really long (width) and really short (length). It made me stop for a moment and think, what the hell is this. This is a perfect postcard advertising example that you'll have to go out of your way to have printed as it's a very weird size. Sprig probably ran this as an experiment.

sprig advertising postcard that is printed on an elongated piece of paper with the purpose of hopefully catching more attention and interest.

You can tell this is Every Door Direct Mail and that they only targeted residences. I happen to live in the 94109 area code and on delivery route C006 (in fact, that's what my mom calls me know... good ole' C006). The B means that they either have sent me a postcard prior to this, or I got the B treatment test. They are A/B testing postcards... it's so effective for them that they are doing A/B tests. I was so excited that the crack team here at Scout has sent some cold emails to see if we can get a Q&A with the genius who came up with this postcard marketing hack. Stay tuned...

Scout dimensions graphic for postcards.

Wicked Personal

Checkout this campaign our design team did recently, which totally spiked Google traffic on this customer's site. Let's look at all the ways this is personalized to every single home.

  1. The first name of every recipient.
  2. Each address is printed unique to each card, in bold.
  3. The XXX is a calculated value based on sun and roof data.
  4. There's a solar picture of their roof, from space, shaded based on the sun.
  5. The XXX phone number is unique to each city (local area code).

If you have great data like this, you should absolutely present it in a custom design of your postcard for your client or new customers. Showing them your value is one of the most effective tools that will differentiate you from all of those WellsFargo mailers. Plus, this is a great strategy to create brand awareness and recognition (even if you are a small business).

Scout designed solar postcard graphic that is extremely personalized.

Portrait and Colorful

GrubHub makes one of our most favorite postcards. Bright. Provocative. A nice logo. A big huge special offer and a delicious bowl of ramen. Dang. But more than all of those, they changed the orientation of the card. The other side is traditional, in that it's printed landscape and not portrait. This is a best practice so we definitely suggest you change your orientations.

Picture of colorful grubHub postcard depicting an offer and bowl of ramen.

Send <50 Cent Products!

I was chatting with my good friend Doug over at Zinc is an expert in e-commerce automation. We were talking about AliExpress, a website that is basically a way cheaper Amazon. 6 USB lightening cables for 8 bucks with free shipping. 6 feet of beautiful LED lights for $2.59 with free shipping. Crazy, right? Doug was saying, why not ship actual things to people in addition to postcards? With AliExpress, it is a more cost-effective way than sending a postcard! He put together a list with over 300 items that were cheaper than 50 cents, with shipping. You could even send a postcard that says, your free gift is coming soon... You can even put a small message and a link the gift description. He did it. For 13 cents out the door he bought this orange peeler. Scout can help you automate this if you're willing to experiment. Doug shipped one to himself...

Picture of an orange peeler sent from AliExpress.

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