Scout Case Study: Verizon is so close to an A+


I really like Verizon as a company. They take my money. They provide a useful service anddon't try to be anything more than that. They just do one thing really well. That thing, it turns out, is not postcards. Let's take a look at their work in this postcard marketing example teardown.

Postcard marketing example: Verizon

They have it so close. Great colorful photo, nice big headline, not too much garage text, a logo. They have all of the ingredients for a delicious cake, but instead they tried to make a building. Why did they do this?!Here's what they did wrong on their postcard:

  1. The headline isn't useful, and in fact, it's confusing.
  2. The woman's hair is pointing to the headline (love it), but is it for a music service?!
  3. There's a little bit too much text.
  4. What the hell is the call to action? Listen to music while I throw this card away!

Here's what they should have done on their postcard.They should improve the headline first and foremost. What about these?

  1. Leaving Wi-Fi in the dust | Stream, not Stutter |  Buffering Be Gone
  2. The subtext should say, "We're the largest and fastest network in the USA and we'll pay you to prove it.
  3. There should be a call to action, "Save up to $xxx/year" or "Get Paid to Switch, Call X"

This postcard is arranged nicely, it just needs to actually be selling something... duh.

Arrogant and confusing backside

The only thing missing is me? Is Verizon suggesting that the only thing they need to be better is my money? I guess they are just a profit generating machine at this point, but why be so direct about it? As an examplepostcard marketing piece, here's what we'd improve:

  1. Headline should be, "Switch to Verizon, we'll pay for it." Or "Download faster, everywhere."
  2. 50% faster than WHAT?! A fax line?
  3. The whole top left half is garbage. I'm not convinced.
  4. The meat of the data is in the bottom, and it should be bulleted.
  5. 20GB for 4 people @ $40/person
  6. Data rolls over for up to a month
  7. Safety mode, to 100% avoid overages
  8. You can get up t0 $650 per line?! WHY IS THIS IN FINE PRINT!? Make it big.
  9. Lawyers are brilliant and get their hands on all good things, the bottom right sucks.

Verizon is swimming in so much money that they don't even really know that their main benefit is being a dumb reliable pipe. Own it, say, our dumb pipe is inexpensive, fast, and worry free. Theyhad all the right ingredients, but when they went to make a pie, it came out as cement.Until next time my postcard friends, we hoped you enjoyed this postcard marketing example look.

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