Imperfect Produce with the Perfect Postcard


At Scout, we're always on the the 👀 for great postcard campaigns. When we came across Imperfect Produce's near-perfect postcard, we were elated. They were clearly postcard marketing experts. So we chatted with their Chief Marketing Officer, Aleks Strub and we had to know the story behind one of our favorite postcards.

Postcard Marketing Expert: Imperfect Produce

As a quick refresher, here is their card. We think they are postcard marketing experts because...

  1. The image perfectly matched their product (it was their product).
  2. The headline is a clear match for what they do. SPOT ON SIMPLE MESSAGE.
  3. There's NO OTHER BULLSHIT. They nailed it and let perfection stand. Remember, 2 seconds of attention!

The back is great, too.

  1. Their first message is an emotional one. I hate throwing away fruit, or any food!
  2. It's a mission driven company that saves me money, I'm so into it.
  3. They make their offer big and clear. FREE FOOD.

Q&A with Aleks Strub,Chief Marketing Officer at Imperfect Produce

Aleks was so kind to do this Q&A with us to tell us about how she drove this campaign home. Let's learn from a postcard marketing expert just what it takes to execute such a campaign.

Interview with Aleks Strub (Chief Marketing Officer)

Why did you chose to do postcard marketing?

Our product spans generations, genders, income levels, and most demographic qualities you can think of. We opted to go with a direct mail campaign as to not limit our product to people with a Facebook page or even only those with internet -- we want everyone to have ugly produce and most folks have a mailbox.

How did you come up with your brilliant design?

We pride ourselves on the unique qualities of our ugly produce. So why not let the produce speak for itself? We chose to put a shot of the produce front and center to allow the story to be told visually.

How did you execute your campaign?

We used a local direct mail service to print and mail the cards for us. But we chose the postal routes ourselves.

How well did it convert?

We're on target for about a 1% conversion.

What did you learn?

Not all postal routes are created equal. And having an offer does not mean poor retention. We saw strong retention rates from customers with offers or promos on the postcards. We did however see variance in the different postal routes we selected and have continued to refine to target similar postal routes.

How can our readers become postcard marketing experts?

Always iterate. I would recommend doing a smaller send with different messaging and offers and see what works for you. Then double down on the successful pieces!

Thank you, Imperfect Produce and Aleks

We have no business relationship with Imperfect Produce, I just happen to like their service and they happen to be amazing at postcard marketing... so I wanted you to benefit from them. Surprisingly, their produce is even better than their postcard. If you'd like to check them out... Imperfect Produce.

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