Using Data from Space for Realtor Postcards?


Postcards are a perfect marketing tactic for realtors because:

  1. There are tons of ways to personlize cards with data
  2. You can speak to 100% of your prospects

Relators don't take advantage of #1, at all.We worked on a proposal (concept, design, etc) for a company called Knockaway, who will buy your home in Atlanta if it doesn't sell after 45 days. They decided not to pursue postcards and these designs were not generated with any special knowledge on our part. You get the benefit of our hard work for free.

Concept 1

This postcard includes tons of data, that makes it super unique to every home. Let's dive into which pieces are unique to every address.

  1. Address printed on the front side, three times
  2. Custom number of guaranteed days per house
  3. Custom quote for each house
  4. A 3D generated picture of the house from space

Did you find the address printed three times? This tactic is really useful for driving home the point that it's your house. This gives people a reason to spend time readingthe card, because they know it's really relevant to them.Knockaway also knows the price of your home. They are only in Atlanta currently, so this price is really well informed. This is why we can print a unique quote on every home.The interesting piece here is that we can even change the number of days that Knockaway guarantees the home to sell based on any data they provide.

Concept 2

Everything else is the same as above, but this shot is just from directly above.

Concept 3

This is a very plain design for a postcard, but notice what it does.You don't notice your house at all, you see the price. The price smacks you in the face and then the next biggest piece is the guarantee that it will sell in 45 days.This design also hasa little bit of a caveat on the estimated price. Instead of guaranteeing the exact price on the card (what if the customer acts a month later?), this card gives the customeranother reason to visit the site.The logo pops here. It's really clear who is sending this card and the color will remain the same, so the look here will be much more consistent than the other designs across all cards sent.


Notice how this design is bifurcated. One half includes only the customer's address and the company's address. It's a good idea when you have such a clean design to print your address on the card. It adds credibility. In this case though, Knockaway should have selected an Atlanta address as it would add a bit of local trust to their case.Takea look at how much bigger, fancier, and how much more color is in the Knockawayhouse. The big red box, the lack of color, and ugly fontemphasize just how boring and terrible it can be to sell your home the traditional way, with no guarantees, and at the mercy of the market.At the bottom of the card there arespecific steps to take to get your exact quote, so... go do it :).

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