Solar Postcards, Print a Card Unique to Every Roof


Postcards? How can a postcard possibly convince anyone of anything? Well, customization of course, by providing the recipient useful information. Satellite roof shots: We use Google's Project Sunroof as well as Lob's API to print custom cards for every address. This includes:

  1. Number of hours of sunlight the house gets per year.
  2. The number of square feet available on the house for solar panels.
  3. The net savings over 20 years for a solar loan.

We're able to inject custom CSS into Project Sunroof so we only show the information relevant to the customer we are mailing it to (e.g. we remove some information that only makes sense on the website.) Custom messages: We also customize the message. In this case I sent an example postcard to Jonathan at SolarCity. It's a bit meta, because I am using our custom postcard design to show Jonathan how he should be using our custom postcard design. Whoa. Note how we include both his name as well as the name of his company. We can do this at scale by designing the card in HTML and using Lob's API to programmatically inject custom variables based on a spreadsheet of leads we have.

How we find customers: We use a service that helps us target based on a number of criteria. Some things to keep in mind: If you want to do something like this yourself, you should follow common best practices with direct mail. Ideas:

  1. Always repeat your mailings. It takes people 3-4 times of seeing something before they act. Direct mail is a bit of a combo of marketing and advertising.
  2. If you have the capabilities, add custom information that's relevant to the buyer, like their name, a coupon specifically for them, or other relevant data.
  3. Make sure you can track your results. You can even use Google Voice on your cards, which has a call log, so you know when people call you from your campaign. Or, custom codes, unique URLs, or unique email addresses. This will help your targeting efforts next time.

Print is alive and well, and direct mail has dropped off a ton since the 1990s, way before we had the ability to provide such personal information to home-owners. This means that postcards are now a ripe channel to take advantage of... and if you need any tips, reach out, our advice, like our blog, is free.

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