The Best "Just Sold" Real Estate Postcard Example


There's a lot of crappy real estate postcards. Like, an unlimited amount of crap. So when my good friend send me this card I was like, damn, this is the new gold standard.Relators, here's why you should absolutely steal this approach.

A postcard with a view

Wow. DRONES. And, possibly even a fisheye camera. At nearly $4M though you better hope that the photography is as sexy as the price tag warrants. And, it is clear that this Real Estate Agent invested good money in great photos.There is a nice subtle branding element with the color line between the image and the price. Then, this card has the price in nice big bold print, the price. This price and these pictures command both respect and awe. Nothing too fancy, just the facts.

Image of a real estate"just sold" postcard.

The back side is just as good as the front

The best cards we see are usually those that say very little and this card is no different. Let's take a look at what we love.

  1. From the top left you'll notice the relator's office.
  2. The photos are stitched together nicely. Just beautiful.
  3. The address is nice and big with a secondary line that speaks to Mohini's skills.
  4. There's a testimonial that not only did the house sell, but Mohini was just great to work with.
  5. She's included her contact info and details so you can put a face to the name and can contact her directly.
  6. Notice that she included two numbers and an email, contact her as you wish.

For an area mail piece, this is really incredible and what we love most about this is all that it does right without going over board. Steal this one :).

Image of the back side of the real estate postcard.

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