Four Reasons Why Scout Studio Outperforms the Best Postcard Marketing Systems


So, I'm biased because I made the best postcard marketing system. So take this blog with a grain of salt as I am writing about the product we built. But, it came out of our own frustration. We made it because we couldn't find anyone else who was doing it.

Printing is stuck in the 1840s, and so we decided to build a postcard marketing system that would do everything.

My Overview of What's Important in a Postcard Marketing System

I'm going to demo Scout in the post below, but there's really a larger conversion to have that will help you frame what to look for in a postcard marketing system.

Here's the thing.

You need to understand 4 key things before you embark on sending postcard.

This video will breakdown those 4 key things.

And, if you're just ended in behind an expert on any one particular area, you can skip to that section instead.

7 Section Timestamps:

1. 0:53 - 2:02 Should you be sending postcards?
2. 2:03 - 2:51 Targeting Overview
3. 2:52 - 5:32 Area Mail Targeting
4. 5:33 - 9:10 Targeted Mailing List Options
5. 9:11 - 14:14 Postcard Design
6. 14:15 - 16:30 Track your Return on Investment.
7. 14:16 - 17:23 Summary

Demo of the Best Postcard Marketing System

Here's a video that demos Scout Studio, so you can see it for yourself. We'll also dive into Scout Studio and talk about why it's the very best way to do postcard marketing.

The Best Postcard Marketing System, All in Your Browser

One of the things we really struggled with when running direct mail campaigns was the postcard design. Printer dimensions are super confusing! Is that the bleed or the margin or the cut lines or what? And that's not what you should be focused on when you are building a marketing campaign. You don't worry about pixel dimensions with Google Ads, they just tell you... here's how to build something that converts in the best postcard marketing system around.

So we got rid of all of the complexities of working with a traditional printer and removed all of the difficulties with using a tool like Illustrator for postcard design.

Let's take a look at Scout Studio's design interface.

Scout studio design interface

1. Per-Postcard Personalization

The first thing that differentiates Studio is postcard campaign personalization! Just like MailChimp does for email, you can add any variable (like a recipient's name) for your list directly in a single postcard and preview every card before you send... total transparency! We added personalization not because it was cool, not because it's really hard to do with almost all print companies, but because a little personal touch can play a critical role in increasing conversion and getting you new customers. You'll start to see a lot of Scout features that are about improving personalization, specifically to create a great reader experience for the folks receiving your postcard.

2. Tracking Options Galore

But, what does personalization matter if you can't track every single card? Why use an "old school" medium if the cost per conversion isn't great? We agree. In Scout Studio you can generate unique QR codes (yup, people use them), URLs, and Promo Codes for each card. This means that, for the first time ever in any postcard marketing system we have found, you can track website traffic and top-of-funnel interest in your product for retargeting. That's right, this will allow you to track prospective customers in real-time who came to your website, but didn't convert.

You may also notice the phone numbers option! We can even generate a number for your campaign that forwards to any phone number you want. We'll keep track of the caller ID so you know who called and expressed interest, too.

3. Beautiful, Contextual, Editing Options

This is probably the most overlooked part about Scout Studio, but it's my favorite. You can click on anything in Studio and you're instantly presented with the editing options that are relevant to that item. We've removed a lot of the complicated stuff in tools like Illustrator and Photoshop. You'll be able to use the very best Google Fonts, picked out by an ex-Apple designer. The purpose of Scout Studio is that you have all the tools you need without any other crap. Focus on designing a high quality postcard, and nothing more.

You'll also see other crazy high tech features like undo and redo, automatic saving of your postcard, pasting images in from your clipboard, and copying and pasting one postcard from one campaign into another to make A/B testing between campaigns a snap!

And, while it's not in the tool, we review every campaign before sending it... every piece of mail we send comes with piece of mind.

Tailored Targeting and Validated Lists

We also look at every single address and we do a few things that make us different than any other app we've found.

l. No-Markup Targeting Lists™

We don't sell mailing lists, it's not our bread and butter. We've created the best postcard marketing system and we're dedicated to your success. If you need a list, we'll make an introduction and provide you with our wholesale cost on lists. Not only do our vendors not generally work with individual list buyers, but when they do they mark that list up. By using Scout you'll get to work with some of the industries very best list providers that will help you reach the right people. Or, use a list from we're flexible!

2. Every Address, Validated

We also look at every single one of your addresses and we tell you if USPS will be able to get it there. That means we tell you if post office is just totally lost, if they just need some more information (usually like a Suite or an Apartment Number) or if they are confident that they can get your postcard to your target market. So many crappy postcard marketing systems just send to whatever addresses you send them, not us, to be the best postcard marketing system we make sure to only send to addresses that USPS certifies as deliverable to help you avoid unnecessary additional costs.

3. Per-card Preview

This is huge and it's why I believe Scout is the best postcard marketing system out there. Not only can you see what the final print will look like, but also you can see all of your personalization options and all of Scout's per-postcard tracking. That means you can see the URL that we generate for that person, go to that landing page, and see that result live in the Results Dashboard. Want to preview Jordan's postcard, see what happens when he visits your URL, no problem! We do that!

Spreadsheet per-card preview

Results Dashboard, That's Right! For Print Mail!

1. Conversions by Person

This is huge and it's why I believe Scout is the best postcard marketing system you'll find. Since we generate tracking elements per-postcard, we can also tell you who converted per postcard. If you have a QR code or URL, we will associate that with the name in the list you uploaded and report it back to you when they visit your website (even if they didn't fill out a form on your end). This means you can track interest and determine who did / did not convert by matching our data against who signed up on your end.

We can also provide you with a tracking phone number for your campaign, which will pass the caller ID of the person that rang you.
Tracking per-person with a physical postcard, wow.

2. Calculated Conversion Rate

Beyond just knowing who was interested, don't you want to know if your hard work paid off? Do you have new customers or new leads? Was the the campaign cost-effective? We take the total number of postcards sent and we compare that against your response rate. We calculate that for you so you know exactly how your direct mail campaign performed.

This is an effective way to A/B test one campaign against the other. Just copy and paste one postcard to a new campaign, change just one or two key variables, and send to at least 1,000 people to know if your changes improve the conversion rate.

3. Multi-channel View

Plus, we report the exact day your cards arrive. Then, just take a quick look to see which digital channel your customers prefer to use. QR Codes? Calling? You can use this information to focus in your call to action to only include the method your customers most prefer.

Scout Studio analytics

The Best Postcard Marketing System is Powered by the Best People

Beyond being the best postcard marketing system on the market, Scout is powered by people. People that are committed to helping you ship the best campaign possible. We run a FREE Facebook Group where we talk with folks who ship millions of direct mail pieces each month. Along with learning the best practices, you get access to over 100 postcards for inspiration.

We review every campaign before we send it and I'm available at the bottom of every page... so you can chat with me at any time.
We also have complete guides on list building, our design process, and tons of postcard to inspire you.

This is just icing on the cake, but you can send a postcard knowing we aren't some unfriendly gigantic mailing house who doesn't know their customers and help empower them. That's not who we are. Amazing support comes standard.

Thanks for reading and if you'd like to kick the tires you can signup here (Google Chrome required).

I'm Jordan and I'm going to help you run the best Postcard Marketing campaign possible...

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