Want A Postcard Template For Word? First, Consider This...


A Postcard Template for Word? Nooo. There's a better way!

I have something better for you than a postcard template for Word or Google Docs.It's a totally free postcard template, too.Are you looking for...

  1. An easy flexible way to design and print (and maybe) send postcards?
  2. Software that's as just easy to use for postcards as Word is for 8.5 x 11 pages?
  3. A bunch of already designed templates to make things easier?

There's a better way that won't limit your creativity and give you so many more (template) options.I promise it will save you time or I'll do the work for you.Here's why I wouldn't use Word for Postcards:

  1. You can't drag and drop images, or any objects.
  2. The layout is fixed, so your creativity is limited.
  3. Adding addresses is a pain, and using Mail Merge is hard.

Just watch me struggle and watch how images aren't replaced (and I work in San Francisco... so I'm the one folks call with technical questions!). Microsoft Word wasn't made for postcard templates.

Want to Print and Hand Out Postcards?

If you want a big stack of postcards delivered to you to hand out, read on.If you intend to mail these things, skip to the next section.Use moo.com's postcards.The quality of the paper is killer, the color matching is awesome, and there are MANY more template options. It's just going to be a way better experience than you trying to do it in Word. While their self-service design tool isn't great, it is better than ahard to edit postcard template for Word. And, if you're starting from their custom designed templated, I think you'll be pretty happy.You can even use the hack below (our tool) for free to get a PDF postcard template you can use inside of Moo.

Looking to Send Postcards Out in the Mail?

Ok so I've reviewed so many different postcard creator tools, you'd think I was on that payroll of the US Postal Service. I'm not, because that test is hard (there's a flowchart!)I don't often talk about Scout on the blog (ironically), but I think what I'm working on could be useful to you if you want to design or send 4x6, 6x9 or 6x11 postcards.I hope to save you from:

  1. The horrors of designing in Word
  2. Printing out individual postcards
  3. Cutting each piece of paper
  4.  Attaching labels to each card
  5.  Hand writing addresses
  6. Finding stamps
  7. Going to the post office

By letting you...

  1. Design postcards in the browser.
  2. Upload a list of addresses (no formatting required on your part).
  3. We'll print them out, send them, and track them for you.

Here's a sneak peek. You can use this to create a PDF you can print instantly, or export and use in a service like moo.com all for free. You won't pay me a dime unless you also have us send them through USPS for you. So, hack my software and use something way better than Word!Chat with me in the corner for early access.

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