Scout Postcard Templates

We’ve designed postcard templates just for you based on different marketing concepts that we know work well. There are three things to always keep in mind about any postcard campaign you run.
One card never works! Mix and match these.
KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid. Less is more!
Besides your list, a big huge call to action with multiple ways to act is best (call, visit, text, scan, etc).

How to Add a Template

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How It Works

How it Works is focused on explaining a process in 3 easy steps. This postcard also includes a huge call to action, but the card is focused more on explaining a process to leads who may not be familiar with how your product or service works.

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The Neighbor

The neighbor is all about social proof. Sometimes you just need to know that people you know and trust have already bought from you. The neighbor is perfect for reminding people that everyone else is already doing it, and you should too. The Neighbor works best when personalized and targeted to the 5-10 nearest neighbors of every purchase.

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The Expiration

The Expiration is best when time is of the essence. It’s important to be super consistent with this tactic, if it expires on September 15th, then it expires. Don’t use this card unless you have a special that is not available elsewhere and, when it expires, don’t extend the offer on future postcards.

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