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"Cross-Channel" Retargeting at it's finest! Send Automated "Handwrittten" Postcards to all your leads. Just $.99 per card, with a REAL Stamp! Very simple to integrate with Facebook Ads, Your CRM, and other conversion points via Zapier api. Also with a great geotargeted mailing list builder. Pick an address, send very personal feeling cards! (Your sales team NEEDS this!)


"We're an api addressable SaaS. 70% post cards / 30% letters. A lot of these questions didn't have a perfect answer; both would have applied. We won't win a price war vs. Lob or another bulk rate shipper, but we will win on integration with a customer's API / CRM. DFY creative is for customers sending 1k post cards/monthly. Automation is our strength. We will be unlikely to win or compete for any bulk orders. is how most print brokers earn, and we just take care of people."


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