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Direct Mail Marketing in 2021

If you’re asked to list off 3 modern marketing tactics, you would probably include channels like social media (Facebook and Twitter)...
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6 Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Works

You've heard the rumors and excuses before: Direct mail is outdated. It doesn't work. It's too expensive. No one even reads their mail anymore…and so on. The list is nearly endless .‍But here's some advice you've never heard: don't believe everything you read on the internet.
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Nextdoor's A+ Postcard with Sneaky Tactics

Personalization is the secret sauce that makes Nextdoor's customized user verification postcards so freakin' good. In this post, we break down how that works, so that you can copy Nextdoor's tactics for your own direct mail marketing campaigns.
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Target's Postcard | Scout Case Study

Target hit its target audience with this simple, but brilliant, postcard. Now, let's jump right into this card.
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Think About This Before Buying a Direct Mail List

Buying the right direct mail list has a major impact on conversion rate. Two of the biggest keys is to first understand the type of list you are buying and who your target audience is.
Direct Mail

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Direct Mail List

You probably just Googled, "buy direct mail list" and were looking to shop for a list. But, you should consider if a direct mail campaign is appropriate for you first. I run a company that is built on direct mail, but there are tons of people I tell not to run a direct mail campaign...
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Bed Bath & Beyond's Famous Postcard: Scout Case Study

In postcard marketing, a big simple, offer is usually best. Bed, Bath and Beyond are masters. "Don't split your message!" and other key takeaways in this post.

The Definitive Guide to EDDM

The definitive guide to USPS EDDM in 2021. Learn if EDDM is right for you and how to execute a campaign effectively for higher conversion. Other topics covered include: time and money savings tips, design/size, best targeting tools, EDDM Retail vs. EDDM BMEU, and how to manage your campaign.
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Sprig's Clever Postcard Messages

Sprig is a meal delivery service here in San Francisco and they have some pretty clever postcard messages and a nice little trick to boost their conversion rate. There are basically 12 million meal delivery companies now (thanks venture capital!) I think th...
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The 7 Best Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tools

The market for real estate direct marketing tools is booming. With so many options available, it can be just as hard to pick a tool as to start a campaign. From targeting to printing and design, it can be hard to keep track of it all–let alone the good tools. We’ve removed the guesswork by organizing the biggest...