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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising Costs: Is Direct Mail Right For You?

Direct mail advertising costs are best calculated based on the lifetime value of your customer and your return on investment.
Postcard Marketing

Four Reasons Why Scout Studio is The Best Postcard Marketing System Available Today

Yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE biased. That said, building Scout Studio came out of our own frustration with available postcard marketing systems available at the time. No one else had built what we wanted, so we took it upon ourselves to build Scout Studio, to make it easy, and idiot-proof to send high-conversion postcard campaigns!
Direct Mail

How to Build A Direct Mail Printing Price Comparison

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting started on a postcard campaign is choosing your printing service. If you caught our deep...
Direct Mail

How to Compare Direct Mail Printers

No all direct mail printers arecreated equal. Don'tjust compare based on final per-postcard cost. But there are tons of great questions you can ask that will help you determine how...
Direct Mail

Skyrocket Your Conversions With These Direct Mail Apps

Direct mail is a force in marketing, even in today's digital economy. (Hint: we’ve writtena lot about direct mail marketing'simpact ourselves.) Direct mail certainly has a lot of potential when it’s done right, especially when supported by direct mail apps. The potential reach of direct mail is enormous on its own. Households with...
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A Field Guide to Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tools

The market for real estate direct marketing toolsis booming. With so many options available, it can be just as hard to pick a tool as to start a campaign. From targeting to printing and design, it can be hard to keep track of it all–let alone the good tools. We’ve removed the guesswork by organizingthe biggest...
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Before You Buy A Direct Mail List

You probably just Googled, "buy direct mail list" and were looking to shop for a list. But, you should consider if a direct mail campaign is appropriate for you first. I run a company that is built on direct mail, but there are tons of people I tell not to run a direct mail campaign...
Direct Mail

Consumer Direct Mail Lists: Everything to Know Before You Buy

Are you thinking about buying consumer direct mail lists to target potential customers? The very first, and indeed the most important, thing you must consider is how you will get this list and who you will target. While you'll likely struggle a lot with the who piece, you ma...
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Case Study: Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Chase sends tons of mail and they make a perfect case study for what makes for great direct mail marketing campaigns. I recently switched over to a newcredit card, but Chase wanted to remind me of the benefits I left behind with my previous card. Here's how they use direct mail marketing to get me to reengage...
Direct Mail

Welcome to Modern Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re asked to list off 3 modern marketing tactics, you would probably include channels like social media (Facebook and Twitter)...
Direct Mail

The Best for Your Buck: Choosing a Direct Mail Printer

If you’re reading this article, you might have already reached out to a couple of direct mail printers and received wildly different quotes for what yo...