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Account Based Marketing: Winning is Worth the Work

It seems obvious, but every client wants to feel valued, and important. Keep reading for the two biggest things to keep in mind when doing Account-Based Marketing.
Personalized marketing

Martech’s Evolution: True or False?

Trends: Personalization is improving – true! Sales tech and martech are co-evolving – also true! How about AI and Machine Learning? Read more to find out.
Personalized marketing

Subway’s Massive Hit: How Did They Do It?

In 2015, Subway embarked on a digital transformation project to meet customers on their preferred channels. Learn how Subway doubled digital orders in 2019.
Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising Costs: Is Direct Mail Right For You?

Direct mail advertising costs are best calculated based on the lifetime value of your customer and your return on investment.

Direct Marketing with Results: Scout's 25 Cent Postcard Program

Direct marketing directly markets products/services to buyers. An effective direct marketing strategy will increase your return on investment (ROI)...
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Business Marketing with Physical Media in the Digital Age

In this digital age, most businesses do a lot of marketing on the internet. For example, businesses send people millions of emails every day...

Make EDDM Cost Less by Working with Scout

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a marketing strategy that helps you target the homes that fit your audience...
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Join Our Free Direct Mail Marketing Group

Welcome to, or welcome back to the Scout Blog. We've been so busy chatting up direct mail on our direct mail marketing group on Facebook that we haven't updated the blog. I'm so sorry! But I wanted to talk to you about what we've been up to on Facebook.
Postcard marketing

This is Why Scout is The Best Postcard Marketing System

So, I'm biased because I made the best postcard marketing system. So take this blog with a grain of salt as I am writing about the product we built. But, it came out of our own frustration. We made it because we couldn't find anyone else who was doing it.
Direct Mail

How to Build A Direct Mail Printing Price Comparison

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting started on a postcard campaign is choosing your printing service. If you caught our deep...
Direct Mail

How to Compare Direct Mail Printers

No all direct mail printers arecreated equal. Don'tjust compare based on final per-postcard cost. But there are tons of great questions you can ask that will help you determine how...