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Postcard Marketing

Why NOT To Use a Word Template for Postcard Design

Word postcard templates are slow and hard to use without a designer. Designers are expensive. Scout Studio is a platform that allows you to design postcards with templates for free.
Postcard Marketing

How to Use Personalization in Real Estate Postcards

If you’re reading this article, then there’s a solid chance that you’re either a realtor or you’re employed by one. Regardless...
Direct Mail

How to Compare Direct Mail Printers

No all direct mail printers are created equal. Don't just compare based on final per-postcard cost. But there are tons of great questions you can ask that will help you determine how...

Why Most Agencies Think About Facebook Ads Wrong

Do you even use retargeting, bro? Keep reading for a complete rethink on Facebook ads, and why many Facebook marketing strategies fail. Hint: Always be testing.
Postcard Marketing

Jack in the Box has Burgers, and Great Marketing

Jack in the Box, remember them? You know... that place where your health food friends shame you for going? Not that I endorse their two tacos for 99 cents or their policy to never charge you for ranch when you ask for it after ordering 2am curly fries... anyways... postcards! They are...
Postcard Marketing

How and Why Simple Real Estate Cards Work

Direct mail marketing is best when simple, and this real estate mailer is a near-perfect example. What two things keep it from getting an A+? Read more.
Postcard Marketing

How to make a postcard: Here is everything you should never do.

Ever wanted to see an example of what not to do when designing a postcard? Here's a postcard that is full of so much chaos, that it embodies everything that you should avoid. If you want to learn how to make a postcard for a direct mail campaign, keep reading. Learn from the mistakes of postcards that have come before your own.
Postcard Marketing

Amazon whips up a delicious postcard

How does Amazon Restaurants create a killer promotion to targeting local customers? Read on for the four key ingredients to customized, high-conversion direct mail.
Postcard Marketing

Using Negative Headlines in Postcards

One of our customer happened to test out some clever postcard sayings as Google ads before he sent his card. It turns out, "hate PG&E" was the clever postcard saying that drove clicks. Let's dive deep into this solar postcard we designed...
Postcard Marketing

Gap Gets Postcard Marketing

Trying to craft an effective Black Friday promotion? With 50 years in the game, Gap is a master at combining direct mail with an exclusive offer. Read on.