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Postcard Marketing

Scout Case Study: Amazon's Weird Postcard

A big part of advertising is creating new ways to grab the customers' attention. Sometimes we fail. We salute you, Amazon, you tried. Here's how to fix your postcard.
Direct Mail

Scout Case Study: Chase Win-Back Campaign

Chase sends tons of mail and they make a perfect case study for what makes for great direct mail marketing campaigns. I recently switched over to a newcredit card, but Chase wanted to remind me of the benefits I left behind with my previous card. Here's how they use direct mail marketing to get me to reengage...
Postcard Marketing

The Best "Just Sold" Real Estate Postcard Example

There's a lot of crappy real estate postcards. Like, an unlimited amount of crap. So when my good friend send me this card I was like, damn, this is the new gold standard. Relators, here's why you should absolutely steal this approach.
Postcard Marketing

10 Terrible Real Estate Postcards Examples

We were doing some research here at Scout for writing a blog post on our favorite real estate postcards and, honestly, what we found was so much utter trash. So let's go through the trash first to help make sure you aren't sending it now.Even if you are, it's ok, we'll help you clean up your act :).
Postcard Marketing

Scout Case Study: Verizon is so close to an A+

I really like Verizon as a company. They take my money. They provide a useful service anddon't try to be anything more than that. They just do one thing really well. That thing, it turns out, is not postcards. Let's take a look at their work in this postcard marketing example teardown...
Postcard Marketing

Design Postcards that Convert

Almost everyone is bad at postcard design because... Most companies are terrible at writing great marketing copy. They're even worse about editing down that copy. Worse so about talking about benefits, not features. When these three things come together it usually makes this...
Postcard Marketing

Using Data from Space for Realtor Postcards?

There are tons of ways to personalize postcards with data, and realtors are failing to take advantage. What does a data-driven direct mail look like? Read on.

Target your ideal zip codes with EDDM by USPS.

EDDM, also known as USPS Every Door Direct Mail, is a really inexpensive way to target customers for your direct mail marketing campaign. It's not super precise, but you can mitigate that by targeting just the zip codes and routes that make the most sense for your product...
Postcard Marketing

Clarity Is King – Why We Love This Postcard Design from Imperfect Produce

In DTC marketing, it's all about having a clear and enticing offer. Find out how Imperfect Produce wins new customers with a precise and simple offer.
Postcard Marketing

How To Win a 5x return on a Mailing Campaign

Eden.io is a company that provides cleaning, IT, handyman, and corporate services. Thousands of companies in the Bay Area use them and they're super highly rated on Yelp. But, like any startup, Eden wants to grow and they had tried sending postcards to entire zip codes before wit...