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Welcome to, or welcome back to the Scout Blog. We've been so busy chatting up direct mail on our direct mail marketing group on Facebook that we haven't updated the blog. I'm so sorry! But I wanted to talk to you about what we've been up to on Facebook.
Postcard Marketing

Four Reasons Why Scout Studio is The Best Postcard Marketing System Available Today

Yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE biased. That said, building Scout Studio came out of our own frustration with available postcard marketing systems available at the time. No one else had built what we wanted, so we took it upon ourselves to build Scout Studio, to make it easy, and idiot-proof to send high-conversion postcard campaigns!
Postcard Marketing

Want A Postcard Template For Word? First, Consider This...

I have something better for you than a postcard template for Word or Google Docs.It's a totally free postcard template, too.Are you looking for...
Postcard Marketing

Design Postcards that Convert

Almost everyoneis bad at postcard design because...Most companies are terrible at writing great marketing copy.They're even worse about editing down that copy.Worse so about talking about benefits, not features.When these threethings come together it usuallymakes this...
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Consumer Direct Mail Lists: Everything to Know Before You Buy

Are you thinking about buying consumer direct mail lists to target potential customers? The very first, and indeed the most important, thing you must consider is how you will get this list and who you will target. While you'll likely struggle a lot with the who piece, you ma...
Postcard Marketing

Clever Postcard Sayings & Using Negative Headlines

One of our customer happened to test out some clever postcard sayings as Google ads before he sent his card. It turns out, "hate PG&E" was the clever postcard saying that drove clicks.Let's dive deep into this solar postcard we designed...
Postcard Marketing

Clever Postcard Messages by Sprig

Sprig is a meal delivery service here in San Francisco and they have some pretty clever postcard messages and a nice little trick to boost their conversion rate. There are basically 12 million meal delivery companies now (thanks venture capital!) I think th...
Postcard Marketing

How to make a postcard: Here is everything you should never do.

Ever wanted to see an example of what not to do when designing a postcard? Here's a postcard that is full of so much chaos, that it embodies everything that you should avoid. If you want to learn how to make a postcard for a direct mail campaign, keep reading. Learn from the mistakes of postcards that have come before your own.
Postcard Marketing

Hit Your Target Audience like Target with a Simple Postcard

Target hit its target audience with this simple, but brilliant, postcard. Now, let's jump right into this card.
Postcard Marketing

Realtor Postcards With Data From Space and Spreadsheets

There are tons of ways to personalize postcards with data, and realtors are failing to take advantage. What does a data-driven direct mail look like? Read on.

Solar Postcards, Print a Card Unique to Every Roof

Many homeowners put off converting to solar because it seems too hard. With a simple tool, Sunroof helps you evaluate savings from solar. Find out how.