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Before You Buy A Direct Mail List

You probably just Googled, "buy direct mail list" and were looking to shop for a list. But, you should consider if a direct mail campaign is appropriate for you first. I run a company that is built on direct mail, but there are tons of people I tell not to run a direct mail campaign...
Postcard Marketing

Postcard Advertising Examples: Our Favorite Attention Grabbing Hacks

What sneaky things can you do with postcards that will make you stand out? Here's our greatest hits of postcard advertising examples that can make your postcards way different from the rest. This post will focus just on our favorite postcard marketing secret...
Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing Experts: Q&A with Imperfect Produce

At Scout, we're always on the the 👀 for great postcard campaigns. When we came across Imperfect Produce's near-perfect postcard, we were elated. They were clearly postcard marketing experts. So we chatted with their Chief Marketing Officer, Aleks Strub and we had to know the story behind one of our favorite postcards...
Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing Example: Verizon comes really close to making a great postcard

I really like Verizon as a company. They take my money. They provide a useful service anddon't try to be anything more than that. They just do one thing really well. That thing, it turns out, is not postcards. Let's take a look at their work in this postcard marketing example teardown...
Postcard Marketing

10 crappy real estate postcards and 1 path forward

We were doing some research here at Scout for writing a blog post on our favorite real estate postcards and, honestly, what we found was so much utter trash. So let's go through the trash first to help make sure you aren't sending it now.Even if you are, it's ok, we'll help you clean up your act :).
Postcard Marketing

The very best "Just Sold" real estate postcard we've ever seen

There's a lot of crappy real estate postcards. Like, an unlimited amount of crap. So when my good friend send me this card I was like, damn, this is the new gold standard.Relators, here's why you should absolutely steal this approach.
Postcard Marketing

Amazon's postcard is weird and makes no sense

A big part of advertising is creating new ways to grab the customers' attention. Sometimes we fail. We salute you, Amazon, you tried. Here's how to fix your postcard.
Postcard Marketing

Gap Gets Postcard Marketing

Trying to craft an effective Black Friday promotion? With 50 years in the game, Gap is a master at combining direct mail with an exclusive offer. Read on.
Postcard Marketing

Amazon makes a delicious postcard

How does Amazon Restaurants create a killer promotion to targeting local customers? Read on for the four key ingredients to customized, high-conversion direct mail.
Postcard Marketing

A dead simple real estate postcard

Direct mail marketing is best when simple, and this real estate mailer is a near-perfect example. What two things keep it from getting an A+? Read more.
Postcard Marketing

Food Marketing Inspiration: Jack in the Box's Delicious Postcards

Jack in the Box, remember them? You know... that place where your health food friends shame you for going? Not that I endorse their two tacos for 99 cents or their policy to never charge you for ranch when you ask for it after ordering 2am curly fries... anyways... postcards! They are...