How to Personalize Cold Outbound Emails By Pain

Scout's definitive guide to creating cold outbound emails that resonate with your prospects, at scale.

The Challenges of Personalized Marketing

The truth is that marketing personalization has never been easy - but that doesn't mean it should be avoided altogether! In this post, we answer your most pressing questions about marketing personalization, covering how to scale personalized marketing, how to segment your targeted audiences, and how to do personalization without coming across as "creepy".

Target your ideal zip codes with EDDM by USPS.

EDDM, also known as USPS Every Door Direct Mail, is a really inexpensive way to target customers for your direct mail marketing campaign. It's not super precise, but you can mitigate that by targeting just the zip codes and routes that make the most sense for your product...
Postcard Marketing

Nextdoor's A+ Postcard with Sneaky Tactics

Personalization is the secret sauce that makes Nextdoor's customized user verification postcards so freakin' good. In this post, we break down how that works, so that you can copy Nextdoor's tactics for your own direct mail marketing campaigns.

The Definitive Guide to EDDM

The definitive guide to USPS EDDM in 2021. Learn if EDDM is right for you and how to execute a campaign effectively for higher conversion. Other topics covered include: time and money savings tips, design/size, best targeting tools, EDDM Retail vs. EDDM BMEU, and how to manage your campaign.